December 27th, 2013: The eighth issue of VIEW Magazine is now available

Those of you who have seen previous issues of VIEW and read our short manifesto on the last page know that one of our “rules” is that we will not be showing non-historical black & white photography (along with sunsets and fashion photography). We also state on the same page that it’s not written in stone. Well, this issue we are happy to break one of our rules and present the dark black & white photos of photographer Adam Katseff. So here is a new “rule” for the new year - be flexible and follow your heart. And this is a rule that should truly never be broken.

In the past when I photographed in black & white as a student I used to print my work very dark and this is possibly why Adam’s work struck such a chord with me. I love color photography but sometimes, when done really well, the quality of a black & white print is so good, so rich that it’s almost colorful. To boot, this black & white work looks surprisingly rich on an iPad screen!

Speaking of color, we have a beautiful variety of work in this issue, which includes Anne Garland’s glowing miniature theatrical sets; the empty storefronts photographed in California and Greece by Garrett Williams; Andrew Murr’s lovely streetscape humor and Göksu Baysal’s poetic images of modern-day Turkey. We hope you enjoy this final issue for 2013.

Peripheral Vision - Magnus Åström
East / West - Göksu Baysal
The Luminous Playhouse Theater Company - Anne Garland
Scattered Bodies - William Hess
In The Course of Time - Adam Katseff
Fun with Photos - Tomasz Łaptaszyńsk
Important Angles - Ciro Miguel
Shooting Signs - Andrew Murr
Watch and Shoot - Gilles Pao
Consumed - Ronny Perry
Closed - Garrett Williams
And more...

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VIEW Magazine goes from paid to free, and from one publishing platform to another, July 31st, 2013

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Free VIEW Magazine is filled with intriguing photography, May 20th, 2013

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“The absolute best fine art photography I have reviewed. Awesome!”
—Jerod Killick

“This is a great start to a very simple but brilliant iPad magazine. The photography was certainly different, some were good and some were not to my liking, but everything was interesting. The layout was impressive and easy to browse. I can't wait to see more.”
—Marc Sadowski of The Lens Wipe

“I love this app! They have used the iPad format brilliantly! Creative, interactive, engaging and enthralling. I have used many of the other photography apps and been impressed - this is the first that I have felt the need to tell other people about. Great photography backed up with in-depth journalism - all delivered with cutting edge, creative use of form and function. To the developers - keep up the good work. I would happily pay more if it was monthly!! ....and I'm kinda cheap ;)”
—Stuart Lock

“In a world where most photography magazines are either about megapixels or very expensive and/or hard to find, View is a truly refreshing idea. I'm on the 1st issue and loving it. The presentation and built in offline access is just perfect. Thanks View!”
—Andrew Rose

“Stunning photos. It will make your iPad so gorgeous.”
—L O S T

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The App

VIEW is an art photography magazine developed for the iPad by multimedia design studio, FusionLab. Partner and photographer, Alon Koppel, tightly curates this magazine with great works from around the globe by photographers he knows personally or discovers on the web.

FusionLab is passionate about the art of communicating through photography and sharing that with the world in their new publication VIEW - “photography as we see it”.

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