Travel in Time Through Chris Dorley Brown's Photographs of London


Photographer Chris Dorley Brown shot urban scenes throughout a borough of London over the course of years and, after enough time passed by, not only returned to the same location but recreated the very same composition to photograph them again. Those pairs of before-and-after photos, published here for the first time in this unique format, span two decades and reveal the sometimes incredible and sometimes subtle but always present march of time.


This interactive iPad app provides an especially fitting means of experiencing this exceptional photographer’s particular view into the ways in which streets, buildings and people change over time. By tapping the subtle icon in the lower-left corner the "before" image fades into the "after" image of that given location. Scroll vertically to see a comparison of both photos side by side, the years they were shot, and the photos’ caption.


The app includes sixty pairs, or one hundred and twenty photographs, as well as a beautiful essay on this work by writer Stewart Home.

Now available on the App Store.

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