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At the end of this process, you’ll have a clean, functioning site, but how will you update it?

We power our customized Content Management Systems (CMS) with ExpressionEngine. Among the large sites running on ExpressionEngine are change.gov, bmi.com, iLounge.com and topgear.com (though you can’t always judge a CMS by the design of the site it manages!).

Using your browser, you’ll be able to update your site’s content as easily as you use any other web app. And don't worry about having new software to learn. We’ll train your site administrators to use the intuitive CMS and supply you with any necessary documentation.

Content Management System

FusionLab developed a customized version of ExpressionEngine for The New York Landmarks Conservancy, BBH Solutions, Tillett Lighting Design and other clients.

The Fine Print

Not long ago, clients and developers faced a tough choice between designing and programming a CMS from the ground up (costly & time consuming, yet can be more feature-specific), or choosing from several open-source platforms that often delivered half-baked solutions (for example Drupal & Joomla, two systems that are free to use and develop but are constrained by idiosyncratic functionality and a cumbersome administration section).

Developed by a company in Oregon called EllisLab, ExpressionEngine is a robust and highly customizable CMS based on PHP and MySQL. ExpressionEngine is well documented and easy to use, with a wide range of developers and a strong community.

We have extensive experience developing and customizing ExpressionEngine and believe it provides a great solution for our clients. We will discuss any specific content management features that you would like to have on the new site and plan accordingly.

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