integrated media design

Preliminary Design

FusionLab’s principals, both trained visual artists, bring intuition for beauty, years of experience in the commercial arts, and a passion for solid information design and visual communication to your projects, be they web design or any other interactive medium.

Many web design firms out there are “web shops”, churning out site after site in search of a quick buck. They are often not run by designers or artists and rarely care at all about quality back-end development. We’re sure they’ve heard of information architecture, but we sometimes wonder if they know about or are even interested in information design and the art of communication.

Preliminary Design

Using the specific information gathered in the Discovery phase as a starting point, we begin the design process by loosely experimenting with visuals within (or sometimes without) the established parameters of the project. At this stage, we put few artistic restrictions on ourselves in order to allow more interesting and surprising results to occur.

As we move past the initial experimentation, we tighten up and edit our different designs until we’ve honed them down to 2 or 3 preliminary designs which will be submitted to you, the client.

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