integrated media design

Content Specifications

Fonts, layouts and colors might be the first things that come to mind when you think about web design, but in our initial meetings, we’ll take a broader view of your overall web strategy.

What are your goals for the site? What do you want your visitors to do?
What types of web assets will/do you have? (Text? Images? Video?)
Are there any sites whose functionality or design you particularly admire?
Do you have a social marketing strategy?
What is your estimated budget?

Questions like these will inform both our design and development strategies for your project.

collect and research website information

Don’t worry if you don’t have immediate answers. In this phase, we’ll guide you through the questions you should be asking yourself and help you answer them with advice and recommendations on both technology and design. We’ll also be getting familiar with the kind of content that will be featured on your site, which will help us as we begin planning the information architecture.

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