integrated media design

FusionLab is a New York City based design firm focusing on information, user interface and visual design for mobile devices.

We approach projects first as information designers, then as visual artists and finally with great regard to the tangible final product – how it looks, feels, communicates, and how it is navigated and understood. Informed by this approach, we are able to solve a wide range of challenges for our clients.

iOS App Design & Development

FusionLab’s first app design for the iPad and iPhone was created for Thomson Reuters in the beginning of 2010, before Apple’s official iPad launch. No one had actually yet laid eyes on an iPad, so the work had to be entirely paper-prototyped and the interface imagined. Amazingly, it worked, and the app, one of the iPad’s first, was considered a success. FusionLab have since worked with The Economist Group, McKinsey & Company, FTI Consulting and is currently engaged in the long-term design and development of the Moleskine Journal iPad and iPhone app.

The first iPad app FusionLab created for themselves, called image/words, was born of Alon’s particular interest in typographical art and inspired by his love of Ed Ruscha’s art. Image/words is a poetic discovery tool that allows users to put together images and words, using all the fonts (with color, size and other format variations) currently available on the iPad.

The launch of the iPad led established content-providers, like FusionLab's client CondéNast, to rethink the future of publishing. This inspired them to research the available tools required to publish on the iPad. While familiarizing themselves with Adobe’s Digital Publishing suite (DPS), FusionLab recognized the iPad’s incredibly powerful visual possibilities for publications, leading them to create their second app, an art photography magazine called VIEW, now available on Apple's Newsstand.

In the new year FusionLab launched their first game app called Antique ABCs - an ABCs learning tool using illustrations from a 19th century children’s book they discovered on the website Project Gutenberg. After tracking down the original printing of the book through a rare books dealer, they scanned the images and diligently animated each character. Mysteriously the letters J and X were missing, which allowed Melissa to create her own letters from scratch, tapping into the textile-design skills from her past.

Creating apps for the iPad and iPhone, a new direction for FusionLab that has evolved naturally with the multimedia/web 2.0 growth in the industry over the years, is a thrilling new outlet for the particular artistic talents of FusionLab’s partners.

Web Design & Development

FusionLab prides itself on the quality of its imagery and design yet remain practical throughout the process. FusionLab places great emphasis on the facilitation of communication, thoughtful, clean design and simple, intuitive layouts. This ensures that their clients' sites are built upon solid foundations and will provide the audience with an excellent user experience. 

Because websites are dynamic organisms, they need periodic attention. FusionLab recommends clients evaluate their site every year or two, depending on their field of business. This is primarily to help keep up with the rapidly changing pace of web-based technology, which can have a very real impact on how a website functions in the world. A new site can also demonstrate a company’s ability to keep pace with the competition and with changes in the marketplace.