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VIEW magazine

iPad app

We are excited to announce the relaunch of VIEW magazine, an independent, tightly-curated photography magazine. The refreshed, Newsstand iPad app is available as a free download from Apple's iTunes app store with a yearly subscription or single issue purchase available.

Inside you will find: “Views”, a portfolio review of mostly unsung, talented photographers (many of whom I found on the web) whose simple passion for looking is exciting; “Projects”, which highlights some long-term assignments or personal passions; “Quotes”, our sincere attempt to introduce text on the subject by some great writers; “While You Were Away” which explores a different place of conflict in the world - starting with Palestine - through the unique perspective of people on the ground in whatever capacity they find themselves in; and our “Overview” section, which includes an information-graphics map displaying stats about this issue’s contributors, our short manifesto and ways to connect with us online.

View was originally created using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (prerelease version) which works quite seamlessly with Adobe's CS5 software, InDesign in particular. This is the same solution used by Wired, The New Yorker and other publications to create their magzines. We wanted to explore this exciting new way of communicating and View is the result of that work.

Once Adobe's DPS system launched and proved to be quite expensive for small companies/publishers we looked for another solution. After months of reworking the content and setting up the magazine using a different system we are happy to make it available again, now on Newsstand.