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FTI Journal

iPad app

In the past two years FusionLab was in charge of converting a print version of FTI Journal into a polished and immersive reading experience on the iPad. FTI Journal is published quarterly by FTI Consulting (NYSE: FCN), a global business advisory firm.

Upon receiving the complete Adobe Indesign files from FTI Consulting we began the iPad conversion process by reviewing the articles for any significant design issues that needed special treatment for the iPad.  Such issues might include charts, infographics, etc. While keeping the look & feel of each issue consistent, we worked to convert the existing paragraph and character styles to ones suitable for the iPad's screen size and navigational qualities. Each issue conversion often included removing items that might have worked well in print but proved to be too distracting on an iPad. We then added specific design elements and features, developed in agreement with the client, that are unique to the iPad publication, such as navigation buttons, videos, and the like.

Since most surveys show that about half of those who use the iPad for reading do so while holding it horizontally, we felt it important to provide a reformatted version of each issue in landscape mode, as well as the traditional portrait mode.

The FTI Journal iPad app uses Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite (DPS), which we have experience working with since its inception. FusionLab was one of the first design firms in New York City to use Adobe DPS when it first launched in beta over two years ago. We continue to keep abreast of the platform's numerous changes and advances.

FusionLab advised and consulted FTI Consulting on the process of becoming an Apple Developer, a prerequisite for any company who wishes to submit an app under its name to the iTunes app store. We created the required app assets for FTI Consulting and successfully submitted the original version, as well as subsequent updates to Apple on their behalf.

While the journal is no longer available on the app store it was highly regarded by business readers.