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The first Moleskine Passion journal is now available as in-app purchase

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The Wine Journal, first in a series of Moleskine's Passion Journals that we faithfully reproduced in digital format is now available for in-app purchase with the recent release of version 2.0 of the Moleskine Journal for iPad/iPhone.

The Wine Journal appears in the Moleskine Journal library alongside your other journals. Once you purchase a Passion Journal directly off the shelf it becomes part of your library collection, letting you create unlimited editions of your favorite passions!

Download the Moleskine Journal app.


Moleskine iOS app - Wine Journal

The eighth issue of VIEW Magazine is now available

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Those of you who have seen previous issues of VIEW and read our short manifesto on the last page know that one of our “rules” is that we will not be showing non-historical black & white photography (along with sunsets and fashion photography). We also state on the same page that it’s not written in stone. Well, this issue we are happy to break one of our rules and present the dark black & white photos of photographer Adam Katseff. So here is a new “rule” for the new year - be flexible and follow your heart. And this is a rule that should truly never be broken.

In the past when I photographed in black & white as a student I used to print my work very dark and this is possibly why Adam’s work struck such a chord with me. I love color photography but sometimes, when done really well, the quality of a black & white print is so good, so rich that it’s almost colorful. To boot, this black & white work looks surprisingly rich on an iPad screen!

Speaking of color, we have a beautiful variety of work in this issue, which includes Anne Garland’s glowing miniature theatrical sets; the empty storefronts photographed in California and Greece by Garrett Williams; Andrew Murr’s lovely streetscape humor and Göksu Baysal’s poetic images of modern-day Turkey. We hope you enjoy this final issue for 2013.

Peripheral Vision - Magnus Åström
East / West - Göksu Baysal
The Luminous Playhouse Theater Company - Anne Garland
Scattered Bodies - William Hess
In The Course of Time - Adam Katseff
Fun with Photos - Tomasz Łaptaszyńsk
Important Angles - Ciro Miguel
Shooting Signs - Andrew Murr
Watch and Shoot - Gilles Pao
Consumed - Ronny Perry
Closed - Garrett Williams
And more...

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VIEW Magazine - issue 8

The seventh issue of VIEW Magazine is now available

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For issue 7, we scoured the web to find some great photographers, from Joachim Moog’s simple and beautiful photos of the environment surrounding him (see cover); Dietmar Eckell’s beautiful survey of crashed planes whose pilots and passengers survived the forced landings; Willson Cummer’s introspective look at dawn light; Roberto Deri’s comical yet serious photos; Steve Ferrier’s very British road photographs; to Petter Togstad Stige's photos depicting real and not so real animals. Eleven photographers in total, each committed to their craft and passion.

landscape, revered - Matt Lief Anderson
Everyday is worth a shot - Scott Binkley
Dawn Light - Willson Cummer
seemingly everywhere - Roberto Deri
Happy End - Dietmar Eckell
Das Unheimliche - the alienated familiar - Barry Falk
Random Roads - Steve Ferrier
Mutual Respect - Joachim Moog
Pause Photography - Benni Pause
Animal Kingdom - Petter Togstad Stige
geographical abstraction - Kalo Vicent
And more...

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VIEW Magazine - issue 7

The sixth issue of VIEW Magazine is now available

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We have some pretty significant changes to announce. First, VIEW Magazine is now free to download and subscribe to. We decided to make the magazine free once again because even the low yearly subscription rate of $3.99 caused our download numbers to drop too low to justify it. Instead, we hope to bring circulation numbers back up to what they were when we initially launched VIEW as a free magazine, and with that we hope to attract companies to sponsor future issues. This would help defray production costs so that we can continue to publish the magazine under a free subscription model. To those of you who supported us by buying a subscription, or a paid issue - your patronage has been extremely helpful in bringing us so far and you have my thanks and sincere gratitude.

In addition, we switched the system we publish VIEW Magazine with to a more robust publishing platform called AppStudio. The result is a magazine that is significantly less heavy so it takes less time to download and is more optimized per your particular device (iPad 3 and 4 owners will now enjoy images in retina resolution while previous models, including iPad mini, will download smaller image files to match their screen size).

This change also brings one more improvement. VIEW Magazine is now universal and for the first time available on the iPhone/iPod touch. While I admit it’s not the same experience as viewing larger images on the iPad there is something quite attractive in being able to possess works by very talented artists and photographers in your pocket! So please, tell your friends about us and if they only have an iPhone they will still be able to enjoy our magazine for free.


Geolocation Project - Nate Larson & Marni Shindelman
Spot the Difference - Chris Dorley Brown
7 Months Later: Fukushima - Toshiya Watanbe
Awaken Dreaming - Santa Katkute
My Town: Baltimore - Patrick Joust
Finding My Way Back - Ragnar Stefánsson
California Dreaming - Kurt Manley
backscatter - Pete Mauney
Night & Day - Attilio Capra
Offering You Solitude - Lam Pok Yin
Berlin Sketchbook - Peter Brutschin
And more...

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VIEW Magazine - issue 6

The fifth issue of VIEW Magazine is now available

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While we typically don’t relate or mention the latest world news in our quarterly magazine, we felt that what is happening in Syria warrants some special attention. In solidarity with the civilian population there we prepared a special interactive feature juxtaposing photos that we feel are quite symbolic of this terrible, ongoing struggle.

In the same vein–the cover for issue 5–a photograph by Daniel Lohmann is also quite fitting. Taken in Damascus, a photo of the Syrian president looks faded and almost like an historical relic. Additional photos in Daniel’s portfolio are also featured in this issue and show his focus on sociological and architectural photography.

As we always try to do in our magazine the subjects and the images are wide ranging yet subtle in their approach. We enjoyed finding the work of Bridget Collins with her whimsical take on objects around her; Simon Kossoff’s bold images of our surroundings and Ryuji Sakamoto’s beautiful poetic view of modern Japan. All of that and more is now available for our subscribers to enjoy and explore.

Download it in the App Store.

View Magazine - issue 5

fusionlab announces their new iPad app for Moleskine

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We are excited to announce that the new iPad app for Moleskine we have been designing and programming for the last several months is now available in the iTunes store. The new app, Moleskine Journal, features a whole set of tools for artists and writers. Conceived and designed from scratch we sought to implement and highlight key characteristics of the Moleskine journals we know and love.

Download the free Moleskine Journal app.

image/words iPad app update is now available in the app store

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This update includes new features as well various bug fixes. The main new feature we added is a direct camera support so people can take a photo directly via the app and write text right on top of it. We also updated the interface graphics to support the new iPad retina display, fixed some bugs and allow for larger images (2048px x 2048px). Oh, and we have a new icon... iTunes app link.

image/words iPad app, now with camera support